Cloud computing and virtualization are changing the way enterprises manage their information technology infrastructure. By paying for actual usage only, you control costs and increase efficiency. You can scale the infrastructure up (or down) much faster compared to running your own data center. The futuristic ways of procuring and managing IT infrastructure enable expenditurerprises to concentrate on their core business activities.

Hire Developers

Want to get your job done without committing to the salary, benefits, and other ton of obligations that come with in-house IT staff? Maisa offers an option to hire our highly qualified engineers on a contract basis for a nominal per hour fee structure. Compared to conventional in-house employee hiring or hourly based contracting, you can save 50%+ of your total IT cost. You can hire developers from us for as low as USD 15/hour with free Saturdays.


Before you started working with us, what were your concerns in hiring an IT product development agency?
I was unsure how well the outsourced and offshore development team would really understand what we were trying to build. I also had concerns around our ability to manage a team so far away.
What has been the biggest benefit or the results that you have achieved since working with us?
I found Maisa to be extremely responsive and totally committed to communicating with us. Maisa really focused on making the relationship work.
Would you recommend our IT Services, and if so, why?
I would because of Maisa's commitment to understanding client needs and willingness to align closely with the customer.