Healthcare and IT in Internet of Things

The Internet of Things, Big Data analytics and smart sensors when combined, can add years of healthy living to each of you.

Facebook-iOS Application Simulator Build

If you are in a process of submitting your iOS app for Facebook review with simulator build, read on…

Big data Analytics-the NEW BUZZ in the Air

The rise of the digital age brought with it unique challenges for businesses as they ventured into the virtual frontier of the internet. One of the challenges which quickly made itself apparent was the need for understanding who your online audience was. Traditional means of audience measurement were not capable of identifying digital audience, giving way to the rise of the web analytics industry. The web analytics marketplace has evolved rapidly as products and methodologies have come and gone, born of innovation, then either evolving through acquisition or dying of irrelevance.

How to get X Y coordinates of element in Selenium WebDriver

Any web element has Its own position on page and generally it is measured In x and y pixels and known as x y coordinates of element. X pixels means horizontal position on page from left side and Y pixels means vertical position on page from top side. You can find x y coordinates of any element.

So you have an idea to build an App for your business

As an entrepreneur and forward thinker, we have several ideas rushing in our mind day & night to build an App to grow your business. Once decided about an idea and have conviction to develop an app, now is the time to hire a professional team who will help to make your dreams in to reality. This is the time where we should pick and choose the right technology and engineering staff who are not only qualified but also go by the rules set forth by FCC and are heavily regulated by Google & Apple. In order to be profitably executing your ideas and go a long way, one should strategies on technology, platform and marketing of an app which is based on data driven and customer centric. There are conditions which must be met in order to get an approval to float an App on the popular app stores.

Mongo connection failure

If connection failed during mongo start:

How to show HTML elements with different sizes for different devices (Mobile Friendly)

We can show all HTML elements and screens with different sizes for different types of devices by using css3 Media Queries Break Points.

How to upload images using Selenium webdriver with ruby

There are different ways to handle file uploads with Selenium Webdriver.

SSH without password and SSH tunneling setup guide

SSH without password and SSH tunneling setup in 3 easy steps.

Hire professional IT solutions for web development solutions

The advancement in technology has brought about a revolution in the way marketing is done by companies. Businesses which existed in the brick and mortar form are now existing virtually too. In fact the virtual presence of the businesses has increased rapidly over the last decade. Owing to the virtual presence, local based businesses today are gaining customers from all over the world. Because of the online visibility businesses are being marketed more effectively. One further step in this business enhancement is the introduction of mobile developments. In order to be easily accessible and available at any time businesses have come up with apps to reach out their customer more easily.