Healthcare and IT in Internet of Things

The Internet of Things, Big Data analytics and smart sensors when combined, can add years of healthy living to each of you.

As we see new wearable fitness devices hitting the market almost weekly, what new capabilities would you like to see added? One feel that since these devices are generally sensor based it shouldn’t be that difficult to take them to the next level, beyond fitness monitoring. Think about the possibilities of integrating fitness tracking and vitals monitoring into a single device. A single sensor based wearable solution that truly integrates vitals and fitness monitoring would allow analytics programs to predict a whole host of health crisis before they become life threatening. What vitals are the most critical to continuously monitor? Blood Pressure, breathing rate, oxygen saturation, heart rate and body temperature. It is important to understand how each of these vitals impact our bodies and why getting them all monitored continuously can help us predict our future wellness. By having these critical vitals not only monitored but integrated into a single device would allow data analytics to predict oncoming heart attacks, strokes to name the most obvious, but also provide early warnings on many other pre-conditions, like kidney failure, heart disease, eye disease, and many more. However the Internet of Things, Big Data and wireless sensors can allow us to integrate all of them into one device and the Big Data analytics can tell us things we couldn’t easily find out before. Even in the hospital our vitals are monitored in most cases by 4-5 different devices that don’t talk to each other. Maybe that is why doctors need to run so many tests on us when we are in the hospital or in their offices, to determine what is really happening with our bodies. Having real-time, integrated vitals monitoring, with Big Data analytics could change all that. Think about the possibilities if this could be done remotely anytime, anywhere by your doctor or just a loved one. I know most of us don’t fully comprehend what monitoring these vitals really tells us on an individual basis, so I will highlight each of them separately. I feel that understanding the importance of each will help us see the real value of monitoring them all at once and letting real-time Big Data analytics alert us or our doctor before it is too late. It should be noted that we are partnered with cutting edge technology used in variety of online sources to ensure the accuracy of the importance of monitoring each individual vital.