So you have an idea to build an App for your business

As an entrepreneur and forward thinker, we have several ideas rushing in our mind day & night to build an App to grow your business. Once decided about an idea and have conviction to develop an app, now is the time to hire a professional team who will help to make your dreams in to reality. This is the time where we should pick and choose the right technology and engineering staff who are not only qualified but also go by the rules set forth by FCC and are heavily regulated by Google & Apple. In order to be profitably executing your ideas and go a long way, one should strategies on technology, platform and marketing of an app which is based on data driven and customer centric. There are conditions which must be met in order to get an approval to float an App on the popular app stores.

There are two types of Apps in the market – free from ads while others are ad supported. The ones which are free from ads are considered to be Premium Apps which has a great presence of capturing 93% of the market share while other 7% are ad supported Apps. Most popular ads are the ones which has being worked thoroughly considering the following aspects:

  • Compliance by the Law
  • Payment Process Systems
  • Policies of an App Store
  • User Consent for changing the system settings
  • Faith Ratings & Review (Fake ratings & Warnings)
  • Challenges-Malware-Fishing on Download Apps

Most of the Apps, approximately 88% are built on open source codes without copy writes. Apps that are based on Apache, BSD, and MIT are considered the secured apps. GPL is the short for General Public License, the license that accompanies some open source software that details how the software and its accompany source code can be freely copied, distributed and modified. The most widespread use of GPL is in reference to the GNU GPL, which is commonly abbreviated simply as GPL when it is understood that the term refers to the GNU GPL. One of the basic tenets of the GPL is that anyone who acquires the material must make it available to anyone else under the same licensing agreement.

The GPL does not cover activities other than the copying, distributing and modifying of the source code. A GPL is also referred to as a copy left; in contrast to a copyright that identifies the proprietary rights of material. Open Source-GPL not Permitted, This is a RED Flag. Apps that are companion to a websites (affirmative consent from users accept/decline) are acceptable as long as they can demonstrate that it has the user consent to make changes to their browser settings.

Most important to market your app to choose the most popular and valuable platform are iOS and Android which are using the Security Framework. Hybrid Apps or Native App are considered to be the most Secured apps. Sniffing IPs – IPV6 compliance/ UDID issue is another aspect in the book of rules and regulations. One should also have the provision to the option of “DO NOT TRACK”. Always ensure to get double opting confirmation from the user via email to reconfirm and authorize. Hope by now we have a clear understanding to execute our plan and make it successful venture.