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Maisa Solutions is your ideal IT partner offering various Information Technology Services and Products. We are creators, designers, engineers, educators and problem solvers. Our highly skilled & motivated team offers one-of-a-kind global IT services. Let us help you create next big thing...


Web Development

The future of Semantic Web mostly focuses on this technology going mainstream. Web is slowly grasping a whole new level of multi-tiered Web applications. Focusing on the long-term state of things, Semantic Web technologies are maturing and its technological power could be used to describe.

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Mobile Development

Mobile Application Development is a growing business. Since its inception, mobile devices have evolved from simply providing the basics as enterprise emails and data on-the-move. Mobile devices now hold all types of functionalities through rich applications and services. Mobile Application Development has now become an integral part in the way companies do business, and it continues to do so as this technology has proven to breaking limitations and breaking technological boundaries.

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Cloud Computing

Cloud computing and virtualization are changing the way enterprises manage their information technology infrastructure. By paying for actual usage only, you control costs and increase efficiency. You can scale the infrastructure up (or down) much faster compared to running your own data center. The futuristic ways of procuring and managing IT infrastructure enable expenditurerprises to concentrate on their core business activities.

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Practices We Follow

At Maisa we use a very interactive and highly productive software development methodology, better known as "AGILE METHODOLOGY" , across our projects. Having widely adopted AGILE SCRUM methodology not only makes us productive but also gives freedom to our Customers for any changes in requirements during project execution(SDLC). Better yet, our Customers are given demos at the end of each Sprint (usually a week long).

A group of light-weight development methodologies, Agile favors "individuals and interactions over process and tools", avoids heavy documentation, and emphasizes continuous software releases through small iterations. Anchoring our process with Agile methodologies allows us to create applications in less time with fewer resources. We are able to discover issues and change direction more quickly when something doesn't work of step on the gas when it does. Agile is not just a series of processes, through. Where other software development companies see Agile as a check box on their services page, our developers have adopted it as a philosophy. We believe this is the best way to develop software and when you see our results, we think you'll agree.

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Our Pride

Pradeep Benjaram

Founder, Managing Director

True leader. Serial entrepreneur. Pradeep's vision for great customer experience helps us in defining our core values.

Niveditha Reddy

Director of Human Resources

Having worked as a software engineer for about 10years, Nivi, brings unique skills to our hiring department. Her engineering plus human resources skills helped us to choose right engineers from zillion other choices most effectively.

Prasanna Patil

Director of Operations(USA)

Prasanna recipient of Graduate Citation holds a Masters degree from CUNY and is also PMP certified. Prasanna brings over a decade of management, business transformation and information technology consulting experience in delegating and deploying large global enterprise applications. In addition to overseeing the company’s US operations on a daily basis, Prasanna is passionately involved in client facing, ERP solution architecture and IT project management/implementations activities. Prasanna in paramount positions has consulted for several large scale global fortunes 500 clients.

Dave Arora

Director of Business Development

Dave is responsible forglobal corporate growth initiatives including strategy, mergers, acquisitions, strategic ventures and alliances. Dave is an entrepreneur, creator and coach in essence. Professionally, he has a rich 25 years of business experience from North America and Asia in different roles including Business Development, Regional Marketing and General Management to integrating new talent and technology to offer scalable, secured & easily deployable solutions for Cloud Computing, Big Data Initiative, Web & Mobile Applications Development and solve the most challenging Data Storage & Processing requirements. Prior to joining MAISA, Dave was helping Veteran Owned Small Businesses on US east coast to win IT Hardware, Software and Services requirements of US Department of Defense via Federal Contracting Systems vehicle.
Dave received his Master’s degree in Business Administration specialization in Information Systems from India.

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